Friday, June 20, 2014

More Than 170 Companies Support EPA Rules

Switching to renewable energy sources and cutting energy waste has saved some US companies hundreds of millions of dollars. (Creative Commons: Statkraft, 2009) Click to enlarge.
Earlier this month, when the Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to reduce power plant carbon emissions by 30 percent, critics were quick to rattle off tired arguments, claiming that the new standards would wreck the economy.  But this time many businesses opposed these claims.

More than 170 companies and investors, including EMC, Nike, KB Home, Starbucks, and Unilever, came out in support of the EPA rules. Why?  Well, the answer is that in part companies are seeing the economic benefits of clean energy in their own businesses.

Today, many of America's largest companies are strengthening their bottom lines by jumping on the clean energy bandwagon -- to the tune of more than $1 billion in savings per year.

A new analysis released today by Ceres, Calvert Investments, the World Wildlife Fund and David Gardiner & Associates shows that clean energy is going mainstream in company circles, with 60 percent of the Fortune 100 firms having goals for renewable energy sourcing or greenhouse gas reductions.  Fifty-three of the Fortune 100 reporting on climate and energy targets have collectively decreased their annual CO2 emissions by about 58.3 million metric tons -- the equivalent of retiring 15 coal-fired power plants.

More Than 170 Companies Support EPA Rules

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