Saturday, May 17, 2014

'Resourceful Consumers' Push Energy Efficiency, Home and Business Solar

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U.S. consumers appear increasingly sophisticated in their consumption of energy, and they have emerged as an important force in expanding home energy efficiency and distributed power generation, according to two new reports from Deloitte.

While part of this movement may be based on increasing awareness of sustainable energy, the reports, unveiled Tuesday at the 2014 Deloitte Energy Conference, indicate that the public is responding to the improving economics of renewables and energy efficiency as well.

"We're seeing consumers transform from reactive to resourceful," said Greg Aliff, vice chairman and senior partner for energy and resources at Deloitte.  While consumers generally became more conscientious of their energy use during the recent economic recession, he said, many have carried those habits forward even as the economy has improved.

And as they begin to grow more comfortable with their economic situation, some consumers are moving beyond the "low-hanging fruit" of personal conservation -- actions like turning off lights or regulating temperature controls -- to take more proactive control of their energy management.

This means an increasing number are considering replacing old, inefficient appliances or renovating homes to better regulate temperatures, Aliff said.

'Resourceful Consumers' Push Energy Efficiency, Home and Business Solar

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