Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Eagle Ford Shale:  Breathe at Your Own Risk

Fracking is in full swing in the Eagle Ford Shale region of southern Texas, home to the most productive oil field in the United States.

Earthworks took air samples and used an infrared camera, which makes the release of methane and other volatile organic compounds visible.  They concluded:
"Evidence from TCEQ and Earthworks/ShaleTest investigations indicate that air pollution from oil and gas development in the Eagle Ford Shale definitely threatens, and likely harms, the health of Karnes County Texas residents including the Cerny family.  Despite these findings, no action has been taken by regulators to rein in the irresponsible operations, or otherwise protect area residents."
The Eagle Ford Shale region has transitioned rapidly from pastoral to industrial over the last two years with few regulatory roadblocks.

Karnes Country now has frack ponds, drill sites, tank battery and saltwater treatment facilities and wastewater injection wells for disposing contaminated water.  There are short-term housing units, called "man camps," for the workers and a steady flow of 18-wheelers on the local two-lane highways.

Eagle Ford Shale: Breathe at Your Own Risk

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