Friday, July 26, 2013

N-Fix: Enabling Crops to Take Nitrogen from the Air

Professor Cocking in the growth room. Credit: The University of Nottingham
N-Fix is neither genetic modification nor bio-engineering.  It is naturally occurring, nitrogen-fixing bacteria which take up and use nitrogen from the air. Applied to the cells of plants (intra-cellular) via the seed, it provides every cell in the plant with the ability to fix nitrogen.  Plant seeds are coated with these bacteria in order to create a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship and naturally produce nitrogen.

N-Fix "has enormous potential to help feed more people in many of the poorer parts of the world, while at the same time dramatically reducing the amount of synthetic nitrogen produced in the world."

It is anticipated that the N-Fix technology will be commercially available within the next two to three years.

N-Fix: Enabling Crops to Take Nitrogen from the Air

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