Friday, November 17, 2017

Tesla Semi Truck — Everything You Need to Know

Tesla Semi Event & Elon Musk (Credit: Tesla) Click to Enlarge.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the highly anticipated Tesla Semi Truck Thursday night in Hawthorne, California.
The first thing you notice when stepping into the Tesla Semi is the complete redesign of the cab.  It puts the driver front and center with fishbowl-like visibility out of the front and sides of the cab.  Where traditional trucks have a dash, the Tesla Semi has only glass — with all of the gauges, navigation, music, and climate controls that would normally live in the dash having been moved off to two side-mounted 15″ touchscreen displays, borrowed from the Model 3.

Some key specs added live during the event:
  • 20% cheaper than a diesel truck.  Diesel truck = $1.51/mile.  Tesla Semi = $1.26/mile all-in.  Tesla is guaranteeing a 7 cent/kWh price on electricity.
  • In a convoy, a diesel truck is twice as expensive as a Tesla Semi.  And a Tesla Semi is even cheaper than a train.  Can be deployed today and is 10 times safer than with a driver.  Brings the cost per mile down to $0.85.
  • Drag coefficient = .36 for Tesla Semi.  Diesel truck = .65–.70, Bugatti Chiron = .38.  Bottom of the truck is completely flat.  Automatic system pulls truck container closer to the cab while driving. 
  • 500 mile range at GVW & highway speed. (80% of routes are less than 250 miles) 
  • Tesla Semi can maintain 65 mph up 5% grade.  Diesel semi trucks can only go 45 mph up a 5% grade. 
  • 0–60 in 5 seconds vs 15 seconds for a diesel semi.  With 80,000 lb load, 0–60 in 20 seconds. 
  • Charging:   400 miles of range in 30 minutes at “Megachargers.” 
  • Drivetrain guaranteed to last 1 million miles. 
  • Because the 4 motors are redundant, the Tesla Semi can operate with just two of the four motors … and still beat the diesel truck in acceleration. 
  • Thermonuclear explosion-proof glass.  “It survives a nuclear explosion or you get a full refund.” 
  • No transmission, emissions, scrubber, or differentials. 
  • Production begins in 2019
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