Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Cost of Carbon Capture Plummets Thanks to Two New Techniques

The physics and economics of thermal power plants are remarkably similar throughout the world. (Credit: SaskPower) Click to Enlarge.
A new study by the Carbon Capture and Storage Center says the latest technology — which has been trialed at SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Power Station unit 3 — is 67% less expensive that it was just a few years ago.  If applied to the Shand coal-fired generating station in Saskatchewan, it would remove 97% of carbon dioxide emissions at one third the cost of similar technology in 2014.
Removing Carbon Dioxide From the Air Just Got Cheaper
The other side of the carbon capture coin is removing carbon dioxide after it has already found its way into the atmosphere.  One approach is artificial photosynthesis — using carbon dioxide to produce energy.  Until now, catalysts made from expensive noble metals such as ruthenium and rhenium were required for artificial photosynthesis to take place.
Copper catalyst for artificial photosynthesis (Credit: Copyright © 2018 American Chemical Society) Click to Enlarge.
Researchers from Tokyo Institute of Technology report they have found a way to make the process work using far more common and inexpensive materials such as copper, phosphorous, sulfur, and manganese.

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