Friday, December 28, 2018

China Making Big Battery Storage Push in 2019

A 250kW / 1MWh flow battery module is given its final inspection by VRB Energy quality assurance staff at the Hubei site. (Credit: VRB Energy) Click to Enlarge.
China is poised to add a significant amount of battery storage to its utility grid next year.  And it’s backing two horses in the energy storage race — both lithium-ion and flow batteries are part of the plan.  China’s renewable energy portfolio now stands at 706 gigawatts according to Bloomberg but too much of that is wasted, or curtailed as they say in the utility industry.  7.7% of the electricity generated by wind turbines is curtailed as is 2.9% of electricity from solar panels.

Read more at China Making Big Battery Storage Push in 2019

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