Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Methane Leaking in Utah Suggests Higher National Rate

Picarro has developed a portable gas detector that was used on the streets of Boston in 2011. It is giving engineers a way to measure leaks and track them to their source. (Credit: Picarro)
Methane is being emitted from a natural gas field in Utah at a rate of 6.2 to 11.7 percent of production, according to research accepted for publication in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Study co-author Colm Sweeney pointed out the discrepancy between the emissions rate his research team measured and what U.S. EPA has said it estimates as an emissions rate for the natural gas production sector, 0.88 percent.

In a statement responding to the study, Fred Krupp, who heads the Environmental Defense Fund, called for EPA to increase its requirements for how natural gas producers minimize and detect leaks.

Methane Leaking in Utah Suggests Higher National Rate

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