Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Ethiopia Bids to Plant Four Billion Trees in Green Push

The African country claims to have broken a world record by planting 350 million trees in a day, as part of a collective effort to restore lost forests

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Image Credit: Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia) Click to Enlarge.
These days whenever Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appears in public, he removes his jacket, rolls up his sleeves, grabs a shovel and gets to planting a tree.

Abiy is leading by example as Ethiopia plans to plant a mind-boggling four billion trees by October, as part of a global movement to restore forests to help fight climate change and protect resources.

The country says it has planted nearly three billion trees already since May.

On Monday, state employees were given the day off as Abiy sought to get the rest of the country involved, and the government claimed a “record-breaking” 350 million trees were planted in only one day.

“I think we demonstrated the capacity for people to come together collectively and deliver on a shared vision,” Billene Seyoum, Abiy’s press secretary, told AFP.

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