Sunday, June 16, 2019

Climate Change Could Mean More Kids, Not Less

The effects will vary across the globe and could worsen inequality.

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Climate change threatens to affect every inch of life as we know it.  Some impending disasters are obvious:  rising sea levels will cause flooding, droughts will restrict access to water, and intense storms will destroy our homes and properties.

But there’s also the impact it will have on our bodies.  A new paper in Environmental Research Letters, published last week, looked at one aspect of this:  how global warming will influence fertility.

The researchers came to some surprising, and disturbing, conclusions.  They found that global warming will increase the number of children people have, while lowering the value of education—but only in certain, vulnerable parts of the world.  This would deepen already-existing inequalities between wealthy and poor nations, and the inequality between men and women in those communities.

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