Saturday, June 17, 2017

Gore Spurns Trump on Climate Change

The US President’s climate policy has backfired says a leading critic, as Al Gore spurns Trump for ditching the Paris Agreement.

A clear message for President Trump on climate change, endorsed by Al Gore. (Image Credit: Miguel Discart via Wikimedia Commons) Click to Enlarge.
Donald Trump “cannot rewrite history”, and no matter what he says or does the Paris Agreement to limit climate change will survive and is even stronger as a result of Trump’s rejection.  This is the verdict pronounced by a former US vice-president turned climate campaigner as Al Gore spurns Trump for a failed attempt to derail the energy revolution.

Speaking in London [Thursday] night, Gore said:  “I was worried when the president of my country announced he was making an announcement about climate change, that if he hauled the US out of the Paris Agreement other nations would use it as an excuse to follow.

“There has been no such cascade.  Indeed, no-one else has left.  What we have seen is increasing support for the agreement from across the world, and within the US expressions of solidarity from American governors, mayors and business.
For a long time, Gore said, it had seemed that change was too difficult to achieve and could not be completed in time to avoid catastrophe.  But then things had begun to “move much faster than you thought they ever could.”

He described the strides being made in China and India on renewable energy, particularly on adopting solar power and producing electric cars.  “Already we are seeing carbon dioxide emissions stabilize.  There is a hint they are beginning to decline.  Maybe we have just reached the tipping point,” he said.

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