Tuesday, October 21, 2014

U.S. Oil Exports Would Worsen Global Warming, Government Auditors Say

Picture of refinery at dawn (Credit: Greg Euloth) Click to enlarge.
Allowing United States oil producers to export crude would not only sway markets at home and abroad, it would also worsen global warming and present other environmental risks, the Government Accountability Office said in a new survey of experts.

"Additional crude oil production may pose risks to the quality and quantity of surface groundwater sources; increase greenhouse gas and other emissions; and increase the risk of spills," said the report.

That finding dampened what otherwise read as a win-win conclusion—that oil producers would get higher prices, production would rise and consumers would pay less at the pump if exports were allowed.

From a global warming standpoint, this means following the business-as-usual pathway toward busting the world's carbon budget.  And it means disregarding the imperative expressed in the latest consensus recommendations of the international science establishment: to reduce global emissions sharply while leaving most fossil fuel reserves in the ground.

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