Friday, December 02, 2016

Illinois Passes Sweeping Energy Bill with Support for Exelon Nuclear Plants

  • Both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly late on Thursday voted in favor of a massive energy bill that includes financial supports for two Exelon nuclear plants at risk of closing.
  • The legislation, which has been called one of the most comprehensive state energy bills ever crafted, heads to the governor’s office where it will likely be signed into law.
  • The final version of the bill included last minute changes sought by the governor, such as dropping prevailing wage language from a job creation provision.
  • In addition to providing payments to the nuclear plants for 10 years, the bill also expands the state’s energy efficiency programs and makes changes to the state’s renewable portfolio standard sought by renewable advocates.
Illinois State House (Credit: Wikimedia) Click to Enlarge.
In the House, the legislation required 60 votes and passed 63-38. In the Senate, the vote was 32-18 in favor. Both votes included members of both parties, though more Democrats supported the legislation.

Shortly before the final vote, language was added to the bill that limits the cost impact of the legislation on all business classes at 1.3% compared with 2015 rates. For residential customers of Commonwealth Edison, the Exelon utility subsidiary serving Chicago, costs from the bill are capped at 25 cents per month for an average consumer.

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